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Mold in Lancaster- What is it, what to do?

10/26/2017 (Permalink)

What is mold damage?

Mold is an organically occurring substance that’s found in the air, ground, and even in some of our food. There are several types of mold, as well as an assortment of colors. Mold grows best in dark, damp areas mixed in with little to no bacteria. Mold can grow in less than 24 hours on wood, organic, and porous surfaces, even carpet.

Why is it so destructive?

Mold can completely overtake a surface, thus destroying the foundation or structure of anything in its way, from furniture to walls. It can also produce allergies and become irritating. Mold cleanup in Landcaster is available, and should be handled immediately due to its destructive nature. Without intention, mold spores can be spread throughout an entire home, making the home completely contaminated. If mold were isolated to only one room, containment would be simple, and cleanup would be easy.

Just like water damage, having an expert who deals with mold cleanup on a regular basis will be efficient and consistent, thus taking the headache away from the situation. Call the pros before getting out your gloves! Get SERVPRO of Lancaster on the line for immediate assistance.

Mold Damage Cleanup in Lancaster - FAQ’s

9/6/2017 (Permalink)

Mold damage cleanup in Lancaster

Let’s be real: you walk into a disaster area that’s been neglected for so long, and you may not know where to start to fix the problem. You may be only one person or part of a two-person team. How do you begin to tackle anything huge when it’s such a foreign concept? Not many of us deal with these things for that reason, or the mold issue was hidden for so long that even the thought of dealing with it is so overwhelming. 

Thankfully, there is a company that can handle mold cleanup in the Lancaster area. Not only do we have a team bigger than two, but we also have certifications, equipment, time, office staff, and technicians to answer any questions you may have.

What are some frequent questions we are asked?

“How much does mold cost to clean up?”

Well, the cost really depends on the level of extensiveness, how it was caused, how many areas are affected, and how much equipment and chemical products we will need, and how many technicians are needed.

“Will my insurance company cover this cleanup?”

Often, insurance companies have a cap on how much they will cover a mold job. Some companies don’t cover it at all, and some companies require an investigation or need to have the cause of the mold determined. If the mold is recurring due to the neglect of the homeowner, it’s most likely not going to be covered, even if you have mold coverage under your policy.

“How soon can you get to my house?”

We have a 1-4-8 guarantee on our emergency losses that states we can get to your home in as little as 4 hours. However, we can also work according to your schedule and keep constant communication with you until that time comes.

“What should I do in the meantime?”

Until cleanup begins, we always tell our customers to not run any heating or air condition units/fans because mold spores can spread. Once spores spread, they can land in other areas of your home and start multiplying. If possible, remove belongings away from any walls that are affected; however, if your furniture has become molded, don’t handle it until the technicians arrive.

Insurance companies may have their own investigation and policies, so always consult with them as well while you are waiting for cleanup services

Any other questions? Give us a call at (661)723-7141 for more information!