Recent Before & After Photos

Small Kitchen Fire

In these pictures, you can see the damages that the stove left in the homeowner's kitchen. Soot and ash were left on the ground after the fire, but with the hel... READ MORE

Broken Glass Door

This is a picture of a broken glass door at a local Santa Clarita home, caused by a local storm. The broken glass that shattered everywhere was thoroughly clean... READ MORE

Slab Leak in Lancaster, CA

A local Lancaster home suffered a water loss through a simple slab leak that seeped through their wood flooring and ultimately affected the kitchen floor. The w... READ MORE

Visible Mold in Lancaster, CA

As you can see in the before picture, a local Lancaster home had visible mold growth on one of their walls. The mold grew a lot more behind the dry wall which m... READ MORE

Water Leak from the Second Floor

As you can see on the before picture, there has been a massive water leak from the ceiling of this local Lancaster home. The upstairs bathroom had a water suppl... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss in Lancaster, CA

Here is an example of a commercial water loss in our local city of Lancaster. The source of loss was a bathroom on the other side of the wall. The water burst a... READ MORE

Major Water Loss at a Commercial Property

A commercial property in Lancaster, CA was heavily hit by a major water loss in one of their bigger rooms. A supply line water pipe broke and flooded the room w... READ MORE